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— Bob Monahan, President

"No one person could do what has been done collectively and I am truly blessed to be a very small part of this 40-year history."


We are proud to offer summer jobs and service learning opportunities to thousands of young adults per year. We are also accepting applications for staff positions. Link to the listings below. 

Summer Youth Employment Program / Service Learning Program

SYEP is a 6-week employment program that serves youth ages 14-24. The goal of the program is to provide community youth with summer employment and educational experiences that build on their individual strengths, talents and interests.

Building a Better Future

Full-time and part-time positions become available at various times throughout the year.  If you're interested in working for the GRYC, take a look at our job listings! Applicants must be 18+, and have a high school diploma or GED for employment.

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If you are interested in donating your time, please complete our Volunteer Inquiry Form.

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