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Remote Learning:

Pre-K students have unique needs and we are here to help make remote learning a little less hectic.  Feel free to use the resources in the main family area as well, but these are hand-picked just for you. 

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Start Here


14 day free trial for their Hidden Pictures app!  Downlload to a device or use a computer.

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Dance and Yoga

This is the movement category. Links to apps for dancing, yoga, and movement in general. 

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Brain Pop Jr.

Free access for schools and families.  There is an ESL version, lessons and games too! 


Apps and Sites

Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, and a bunch of old friends are waiting to interact with your little one!


PBS Kids

Tons of free games and resources available online.

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Storytime, Science stuff, and a whole load of listening opportunities for the curious. 

Click the button on the right for a list of authors reading their books for the kids!

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