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P.S./M.S. 138Q

Sunrise School

251-11 Weller Avenue

Rosedale, NY 11422 

funded by

Director: David Volcy
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Monday–Friday, 2:30pm–5:30pm    •    Grades served: 6–8    •    Enrollment: 91

The GRYC has partnered with P.S./M.S. 138 to provide a SONYC program to the students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade of the school.


Students will participate in project based enrichment activities that are Common Core aligned, with a particular emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and arts curriculum. These activities include, filmmaking, visual arts, and music. The SONYC After-School Program will also serve to create an engaging academic environment while simultaneously fostering teamwork/teambuilding skills.


Our program offers:


  • Improv

  • STEAM Learning Lab
  • Health and Fitness

  • Girls/Boys Basketball

  • Girls/Boys Volleyball

  • Girls/Boys Soccer

  • Girls/Boys Mentorship

  • Fashion

  • Improv/Theater

  • Dance

  • Art

  • Homework Help

Cheerfest At SixFlags 2018

138 Music Rehearsal

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